About NHF Day

National Hunting & Fishing Day
September 28, 2024

What is NHF Day?

On May 2, 1972, President Nixon signed the first-ever proclamation of National Hunting & Fishing Day, writing "I urge all citizens to join with outdoor sportsmen in the wise use of our natural resources and in insuring their proper management for the benefit of future generations."

Now in its 51st year, NHF Day is the largest, most effective grassroots movement ever undertaken to promote outdoor sports and conservation. Celebrated on the fourth Saturday of every September, the federally recognized holiday brings together sportsmen and women from across America to celebrate the rich tradition of hunting, sport shooting and fishing through organized local, state and national events aimed at introducing new audiences to the outdoors.

Thanks To Our Sponsors

National Hunting & Fishing Day is made possible through the dedicated and generous support of conservation partner organizations who come together to celebrate this day each year alongside the promotion and support of conversation efforts year-round.

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