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Hunting Facts


As of 2012, hunters and target shooters have paid more than $7.2 billion in excise taxes through the Federal Aid in Wildlife Restoration Act since its passage in 1937.

Sportsmen and women contribute nearly $8 million a day to support wildlife and wildlife agencies.

An average hunter spends $2,484 every year on the sport.

Teenage girls are the fastest growing market in sport shooting.

According to research, 72 percent more women are hunting with firearms today than just five years ago. And 50 percent more women are now target shooting.

Americans hunt a combined 282 million days per year. Thats an average of 21 days per hunter.

More than 38 million Americans hunt and fish.

Hunters and anglers support more than 680,000 US jobs.

Through license sales and excise taxes on equipment, hunters and anglers pay for most fish and wildlife conservation programs.

More Americans hunt and shoot than play baseball.

Firearms are involved in less than 1% of all accidental fatalities. More Americans are killed in accidents involving vending machines than guns.

Hunting gear sales are growing faster than all other sporting goods categories, with 38.3 billion spent in 2011.

Americans annually buy more than 1 billion shotshells.

Non-resident hunting license, tag, stamp and permit sales have risen 41.2 percent since 1993.

Top selling sporting goods: 1.) exercise equipment, 2.) golf gear, 3.) hunting gear.

Hunting overall brought in more revenue ($38.3 billion) than Google ($37.9 billion) or Goldman Sachs Group ($36.8 billion).

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