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Get Started Hunting

Getting the right introduction to hunting ensures a quality experience and the start to a lifetime of enjoyment. Many hunters receive their first introduction to hunting from family or friends as a tradition passed down from generation to generation.

For all hunters, whether they have mentors to guide them or not, the most important first step into the woods begins with a state-certified hunter education course.

NSSF's gives you quick access to your state's wildlife agency Web site where you can find a hunter education course near you. To help prepare you for your class you can also access 

"Introduction to Hunter Education," an on-line hunter education course provided by the International Hunter Education Association (IHEA) in partnership with the National Shooting Sports

Foundation. In some states, hunter education students may take the written portion of this on-line course toward certification. Your state agency also provides information on season dates, application deadlines, license fees and more.

Hunting is a useful and beneficial wildlife management tool that ensures and maintains the health and abundance of game species and the balance of our natural resources. There are a number of species, from upland birds to big game animals to hunt. Learn more about these species from game bird and game animal organizations.

Once you have received your hunter education certification, you become part of the largest group of contributors to conservation and wildlife management in America. It's the start to an honored tradition that you too have the opportunity to pass on to the next generation.

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