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National Hunting and Fishing Day September 28,



(FREE) National Hunting and Fishing Day 2019


16409 Canyon Rd. Puyallup, WA 98375

This year we're celebrating our fifth annual FREE NHF Day event! Each year we choose a different part of our state in a new-to-us community to host our event. We're really proud of this collaborative effort and the numerous volunteers, partners, businesses and sponsors who work together to make it a huge success. At the event we provide hands-on hunting, fishing, shooting and other outdoor recreation and conservation activities and displays for youth and their families. Youth are invited to shoot archery equipment, air rifles, .22 rifles, .223 rifles, and 20 gauge shotguns. They can practice setting up a camp site, participate in a virtual turkey hunt, fish in our freshly stocked portable "ponds", learn flint knapping, practice elk and turkey calling, learn to use a compass and tie knots, learn about dutch oven cooking, take a selfie with a live falcon, touch hides and pelts, make plaster casts of animal tracks, make gyotaku style fish prints, learn about fossils, gems and minerals and much more!