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Celebrate National Hunting and Fishing Day

on September 28, 2019


Small Game Hunting



Learn to identify small game species and their preferred habitat in Interior Alaska. Although you do not need much to participate in small game hunting, we will cover the basics including regulations, firearms and gear prep. Learn how to care for, and field-dress small game. Prepare for a hands-on experience. Bring a small, sharp hunting knife if you have one. Class is geared for adults and youth (11 and up) accompanied by an adult.


Intro to Deer Hunting and Field Dressing



Learn how deer think, act and where to find them. Many people say the real work begins after you pull the trigger, and they're right. This class will teach participants how to properly field dress a deer.


Outdoor Survival



Have you ever been stuck in the wilderness unexpectedly? Give yourself a better shot at surviving and being found by learning the basics of how to signal a rescue party, create an emergency kit, build a fire, and prevent bear encounters.